After premiering on the German electronic music scene and quickly skyrocketing to international fame in 2012, Jacob Dilssner a.k.a. Wankelmut has embarked on his latest project. Known for his hit single releases and numerous remixes, Dilssner is launching his very own label WKLMT as a new outlet for his stylistically varied productions.

The freshly founded imprint debuts with “Ayahuasca *Radio Edit” and immediately demonstrates why his sound resonates with such a large and diverse body of listeners. Invigorating beats and a unique melodic mysticism, are threaded together with catchy vocals stitched in to create the unique and unmistakable fabric of Wankelmut’s sound. Listeners need little to no time until they are once again enraptured by Dilssner’s latest creation.

The “Ayahuasca *Extended Mix” tips slighty more in favor of a club environment, with an expanded build-up, gratifying basslines and an overall dazy, partly even Prog oriented feel. The extended mix balances both large room venues and heaving festival crowds longing for striking melodies, unrelenting beats and the sweet relief of a perfectly arranged drop. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but it’s so irresistable that your mom may even like it!

1) Ayahuasca (Radio Edit)
2) Ayahuasca (Extended Mix)


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