BluFin Records welcomes a star of the Far East’s house music scene in Road to Mana. The Spanish born but Malaysia based talent offers up a new track that is again superbly emotive and comes with a remix from The Hands of Heaven.

Kanoa is a slick and stylish house track with slippery synths and smooth percussion. The whole thing rolls deep and has a sunset vibe that makes you forget your woes. It’s well designed and filled with atmosphere as always with this artist.

Kanoa (The Hands of Heaven Mix) is darker and deeper, with more spangled synths wrapping round the drums and taking you on a late night trip. All in all this is another winning EP.

Artist: Road To Mana
Title: Kanoa
Record Label: BluFin Records
Cat.Number: BF297
Release Date: 22nd May 2020

1) Kanoa (Original Mix)
2) Kanoa (The Hands of Heaven Mix)


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