Music is in the blood of Eva Simons, Her mother, Ingrid Simons, scored three Top 40 hits in the early nineties, of which Blueshouse was the most successful.

Already in 1999 Eva speaks in the group Rebel Rebel, but real success does not lead to that. After her study at the Amsterdam Conservatory, Eva Simons is part of the band Raffish. The group is formed by the TV program Popstars – The Rivals, in which the group of five ladies and also Sharon Doorson took shape. Raffish scored two number one hit (Plaything in 2005) in two years and two hits (Thursday’s Child and Let Go), both of which did not go beyond number 38.

Simons continues solo and with Silly Boy (# 13) she scores her first hit in 2009. In mid-2010 she and Afrojack will take the song ‘Take Over Control’ which will be a worldwide hit. In the Top 40 the single comes to the twelfth place. Meanwhile, the singer also gets the chance to work with Will.I.Am. Although the single ‘This Is Love’ is not written to her name, she does deliver an important vocal contribution to a number 1 hit.

In 2013 she is again in the Top 40 with her own solo-single, ‘Chemistry’.

In 2014 she chooses, together with husband Sidney Samson, in the TV program ‘The Hit!’ a song by a singer-songwriter that they elaborate further. Celebrate ‘The Rain’ is the result that appears on single. Halfway through May 2015, the ex-DanceSmash ‘Policeman’ becomes her fourth solo hit in the Top 40, which she later continues with ‘Bludfire’ (again with Samson).

In 2016, Eva Simons is a member of the jury on the return of the television talent show Idols.

In June, a new collaboration with Sidney Samson on ‘Escape From Love’. The two make it known in the autumn of 2016 to divorce.

After ‘Guaya’ and ‘Avalon’ (both released in 2017) appears in April of 2018 her single ‘The One’, the track she wrote together with Aimé Cain and Brainpower!


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