Video DJing continues to sit awkwardly inside the DJ realm. But in recent times, it seems to be finding its feet a little and defining its place in our world. For the longest time, DVS was the way to play video, but that just changes the whole dynamic as people stop dancing and start watching. But using video as a supplement and enhancer to the DJ’s performance seems to be the emerging way of using the moving picture format. And Mixvibes is capitalising on this trend — their video software Remixvideo has been bumped to v1.4, and an all new Remixvideo Pro has been created with more compatibility with industry standard protocols.


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Announcing Remixvideo Pro and Remixvideo 1.4

Mixvibes introduces two versions of its VJing software: A professional version and a standard version.

As electronic music events among the globe as become so popular, many people have started to show a big interest for VJing. It is the reason why Mixvibes created Remixvideo in 2017, receiving a warm welcome within the professional and amateur circles. As the use are very different regarding the needs, Mixvibes decided to update Remixvideo into two versions responding to people’s demands.

Both software mix and match music and visuals using an immediately intuitive grid of video loops. Every video can be tweaked live or manually generated through a special interface “Generators” to control colors, shapes, textures, reactions to music and more.

Moreover Remixvideo Pro gives the users the possibility to share video output with a compatible piece of software (like Syphon and Spout) and to use Remixvideo Pro as a VST/AU plugin inside a DAW.

These are made to send the output of Remixvideo to other mapping and VJ pieces of software such as Madmapper or HeavyM or to create MIDI sequences in Ableton Live that trigger video loops in Remixvideo Pro.

As Mixvibes want VJing to be accessible to anyone, they decided to transform Remixvideo into a very affordable soft. All previous users are now owners of Remixvideo Pro.

Both versions have been updated for better performances and come with every classic feature:

  • Video & audio mix
  • 18 real-time video FX / 7 mixing modes to blend videos
  • 144 free VJ loops / 36 HQ audio samples
  • Visual content generated in real time through 36 generators
  • BPM synchronisation / Ableton Link
  • MIDI control and MIDI learning
  • Autopilot
  • Live camera


Audiovisual sampler

  • Play fully-synced video samples, link audio samples to video pads.
  • Modular grid: up to 8×8 pads.
  • 3 playmodes: loop, one-shot and gate.
  • Audio sample editor: quantize, gain, mute audio.
  • Video sample editor: hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, chroma key, position & scale.

Professional video mixing

  • 18 video FX & 7 mixing modes.
  • Built-in mixer: audio & video faders, bi-filter knobs, EQs, mute & solo buttons.
  • Live BPM control with time stretch and tap tempo.
  • Touch Bar editing shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro.
  • Autopilot: automatically plays a sequence of pads.

Video content and output

  • 144 free professional video samples worth $156.
  • Import samples: supports main AV formats & video codecs (avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, hap,…).
  • Live video input: play webcam or camera input onto a pad.
  • Generators: includes 48 free real-time generated/audio-reactive files.
  • Record in MP4 and upload to YouTube and Dailymotion.

Hardware and software compatibility

  • Audio live input.
  • MIDI support and MIDI learn.
  • Ableton Link support.
  • Syphon/Spout support (Remixvideo Pro only).
  • VST/AU plug-in (Remixvideo Pro only).

Pricing and availability

Remixvideo Pro is available at $149. Remixvideo is available at a new price of $69 Buy:

More info:

Free demo:

As the video DJ scene matures, it’s clear that visuals supplementing DJs is the best use of this type of technology. It’s still all about the music, but the ambience and mood can be created by software like this.

Mixvibes has obviously seen growth in this area too. On one level, they offer a relatively entry-level way into the features of Remixvideo, and pave the way to introducing new ways of using video and visuals and DJs who might otherwise just play music videos using conventional DJ gear.


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