While many of you sit and wait for us to post liberal doses of nextlevelness (which sadly is thin on the ground these days), there has always been and will always be a need for the more mundane bits of gear, without which we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Cables fall into this category, but that doesn’t mean that the can’t be as sexy as the hottest lumps of tech. Indeed, DJ TechTools took the boring old USB cable and made it funky, and after much prodding and poking from their customers has finally delivered a range of highly focussed Chroma Cables for audio use.

Obviously being a media outlet too, they’ve made a press release:

DJ TechTools Launches New Performance Audio Series of Chroma Cables for DJs, Producers, Live Performers

SAN FRANCISCO – (April 4, 2018) – DJ TechTools today introduced Chroma Cables’ Performance Audio Series, a new line of audio cables designed for DJ booths and production studios. These modern, high-visibility cables were trusted onstage at Ultra Music Festival last month, and now are available to DJs around the world.

The new cables are launching in three colors (neon orange, blue, red) and three styles (RCA<>RCA, 1/4”<>1/4”, RCA<>1/4”).

Here’s what makes these cables unique:

  • Bright, Visible Colors: No more fumbling while setting up! Color code your audio connections so you always know what goes where.
  • Movable Strain Reliefs: These handy protectors adapt to every situation and have printed +/- markings to clearly distinguish between channels.
  • Easy To Wrap, High Quality Rubber: Good tools get the job done without getting in the way. High quality soft materials ensure these cables are super easy to handle – and aren’t too stiff to run just how you want them.
  • Velcro Strap: Each cable comes with an already-attached, color-matched Velcro strap that helps prevent untidy setups, and allows you to keep your gig bag nice and tidy.

The audio cables are available today on the DJ Techtools store. They’re priced at $25 each – or $20 each when purchasing 3 – with additional discounts for more cables in one order.

These audio cables join the Chroma Cables brand – including USB-C and USB-A cables popular with DJs and producers around the world.


It can be argued that a USB cable is a USB cable. But there’s something rather cool about the DJTT ones. Because of the quality and eye for design, you just feel safe using them. It feels deliberate and measured as opposed to a generic grey one. And now that they’ve made audio cables to match, you can have a similar feel good experience across the board.

Obvious comparisons will be drawn with the Oyaide Neo d+ cables, bright colours being the main one. But for the d+, the colour indicates the quality and hence the cost, which for the higher quality ones is a bit of a stretch for impoverished DJs.


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